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creator and designer of menu holders, wine lists and bill holders for gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels

 Restaurants Menu holder 

The great restaurants are exceptional because they take care of the details. There is gourmet cuisine, its taste and culinary design obviously, but there is also all the elements that revolve around it and transcend the moment spent in the establishment. The menu holders of Le Menu Français help to make this moment unforgettable by offering a strong visual and sensory experience.

Carte menu domaine de fontenille


The wine lists provide the consumer with a readable and usable directory. Some establishments have hundreds of references, others have precious wines, in limited quantities, which require a regular update. The French Menu offers wine lists with a variety of formats and binding systems, in order to more accurately answer the use that will be made of them.

Carte des vins Mirazur


Drink lists are distinguished from menu holders by their creativity. They dare colors, shapes and associations modern or well shifted. Among them we will find: pool-cocktail list, flexible and water repellent. Cocktail list, smaller and colorful. The digestive list, also smaller and rather sober. Beverage list can be more traditional and coordinated with menu holders.

Carte de bar Métropole


The bill holder closes the moment of taste that you want to share with your customer. It allows one last time to remind him how the quality of the welcome and the attention to detail are the founding elements of your establishment. The bill holder is probably one of the last items your customer will have, so its appearance, material and shape should be carefully selected.

atelier yssoirien


The Room directory presents the restaurant of the  hotel, the dishes and wines that are served there, it also lists the tourist sites around. This is a folder that professionals of hotel industry do not fail to elaborate conscientiously. For its presentation Le Menu Français proposes to coordinate it with the decorative elements that characterize the establishment or in harmony with the menu holder and wine list.

mb experience room directory

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